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Private Lessons and Coaching

At The Studio for Music and Theatre Arts LLC, we offer specialized, one-on-one training that enables our students to explore and develop their skill at their own pace. We very much understand that every individual is unique, and we wish to nurture that individuality. 

Lesson Offerings

  • $140/month for weekly 30-minute voice lessons

  • $240/month for weekly 50-minute voice lessons

  • $120/month for weekly 30-minute piano lessons

  • $240/month for weekly 50-minute mixed voice and acting lessons

Vocal and Acting Coaching

  • $60 per 60-minute Audition Coaching Session *

  • $60 per 60-minute Performance Coaching Session *

  • $60 per 60-miunte Trumbauer/ ThesFest IE Coaching Session​​

               *30-minute sessions are also offered for younger children at a reduced price 

Tuition Schedule effective June 1st, 2023 for new incoming students.

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