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Explore Your Craft

Here at The Studio, we offer private lessons, small group classes, and workshops, that are individualized to the goals and needs of our students. We encourage everyone to explore their musical and theatrical crafts in a calm, safe, and nurturing environment. 

Studio Calendar 2024

The Studio will be closed for the following holiday breaks...

Sunday, March 10th - Saturday, March 16th
Spring Break
Sunday, June 30th - Saturday, July 6th
Summer Break

Monday, November 25th - Sunday, December 1st
Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, December 24th - Wednesday, January 1st
Winter Holiday Break


The Studio calendar is set up so that each student receives 48 lessons per calendar year,

or an average of 4 lessons per month as covered by the monthly tuition rate.

There will be no make-up credits issued for the holiday breaks on The Studio calendar. 

3312 Governors Dr. SW

Unit A
Huntsville, AL 35805


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