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Group Classes

Though growing individually within your art is important, we also know that building the skills of teamwork and communication are extremely important. The Studio provides group classes that will allow you to expand your knowledge in a community built on inclusion, support, and creativity.

Current Classes

Ready for the Stage

Thursdays 11:00am - 12:30pm, $180 for the 8-week session

June 1st - July 27th (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

The Studio for Music and Theatre Arts is excited to announce our first Summer Acting Class for students ages 8-12! This weekly class is designed to help you get a leg up and learn how to become a “thinking actor.” Learn how to make acting choices such as: “Who am I talking to?” “What do I want from them?” and “How am I going to get it?” Use your creativity and follow your own actor’s instincts! At The Studio, we want to give our young students the skills to set themselves apart, in a fun yet educational environment. If your little actor wants to think on their feet and learn how to bring the character to life, sign up here and join us for our class, “Ready for the Stage." 

A Summer with Stanislavski: 

Becoming a Thinking Actor

Fridays 11:00am - 1:00 pm, $240 for the 8-week session

June 2nd - July 28th (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

The Studio for Music and Theatre Arts is excited to announce our first Summer Acting Class for students ages 13-17! This weekly 2-hour, 8-week class is designed to introduce you to the skills and techniques necessary to help you become a “thinking actor” through an introduction to the Stanislavski method of acting. Stanislavsky’s acting method is designed to help actors create believable characters and develop natural performances. During this class we will break down and analyze monologues and scenes, as well as their source material, and discover how to fully flesh out your characters’ relationships, environments, objectives, tactics, and more. Learn to use your mind and creativity to make choices and follow your own actor’s instincts!  At The Studio, we strive to train our students in a manner that will prepare them for their next step, whether that be a high school production, a community theatre production, or even a professional production. If you want to learn how to really dig into a character and create an authentic performance for the stage, sign up and join us for “A Summer with Stanislavski: Becoming A Thinking Actor.”

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